Investing in Utaite

Investing in Utaite

by Chihiro Kameoka

Z Venture Capital (ZVC) has made an additional investment in Utaite Inc., a company that produces 2.5-dimensional IP.

2.5-dimensional IP is a new form of entertainment that incorporates both the appearance of real-life talents (3-dimensional) and anime-style IPs (2-dimensional), such as VTubers. Their daily activities and streams are conducted in the form of anime characters, while during live music performances, they reveal their true faces to the fans.

In 2023, ZVC invested in the seed round of Utaite. About half a year has passed since then, and high-caliber  talents, including singers, streamers, and creative teams, have been gathering at Utaite one after another.

I feel that it is precisely the combination of the tenacity of Masashi Kurata, who serves as CEO of Utaite, and Utaite's goal of pursuing happiness and excitement of singers, fans, and creators alike, that such a high-caliber team has been assembled. I believe that Utaite will realize its mission of "bringing thrilling excitement to the world" and sweep the globe with Japan's 2.5-dimensional entertainment.

Utaite is currently recruiting talent, including singers and streamers, as well as individuals in creative, marketing, and business planning roles, among others to join the company in realizing its mission and in enabling further business expansion. Those aiming to make a mark in the world of entertainment are encouraged to visit the "RECRUIT" section of the company's website.

I look forward to the day when we can enjoy Utaite's talents' streams and live music performances, and ZVC supports the challenge of enabling Utaite to become a leading entertainment company that represents Japan.