Investing in BRIA

Investing in BRIA

By Sungjoon Park
Generative AI has become a buzzword. While numerous prospects exist for generative AI to enhance business performance, there is a growing focus on the ethical considerations surrounding its application and development. According to Salesforce, 43% of consumers express skepticism regarding companies' ethical use of AI, a concern further accentuated by the increasing incidence of copyright infringement lawsuits.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our Series A investment in BRIA. BRIA enables companies to easily tailor their visual requirements and allows developers to seamlessly integrate generative AI capabilities into any existing product, solution, or system as a source code and pre-trained model, API, and SDK. By partnering with global leading stock image providers, BRIA provides comprehensive solutions to fully comply with copyright infringement as its platform is trained solely on licensed imagery and contains no public figures, trademarks, or privacy concerns, which safeguards a company from legal challenges, offers full liability, and grants businesses complete access to text-to-image and text-to-video models.

We are fortunate to be partnering with Dr. Yair Adato, the Co-Founder & CEO of BRIA, and his team, and delighted to be part of BRIA’s journey alongside outstanding investors and industry leaders such as GFT Ventures, Intel Capital, Entree Capital, Publicis Groupe, Getty Images, Samsung Next, IN venture, Atinum Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and J-Ventures. 

As the corporate venture capital of LY Corporation, we are very excited to partner with BRIA and ready to explore potential collaborations in various business domains where LY Corporation operates, including but not limited to media, entertainment, and e-commerce. We are here to support BRIA to achieve the company’s mission to empower developers and AI teams for developing contents while upholding copyright and privacy compliance in visual generative AI.

Read more about BRIA and the funding here:  funding announcement on Reuters

About BRIA
BRIA is a visual generative AI company operating at the forefront of responsible AI development. With a mission to empower developers and AI teams while upholding copyright and privacy compliance in visual generative AI, BRIA offers cutting-edge visual generative AI-trained models, source code, APIs, and development productivity tools that are revolutionizing the way businesses and developers approach visual generative AI. Beyond innovation, BRIA is dedicated to fostering a sustainable economy that benefits data owners, artists, and visual generative AI users alike. We believe in creating a harmonious ecosystem where the power of visual generative AI technology can be harnessed responsibly and ethically for the collective betterment of all involved. BRIA was one of the first companies to be recognized by Fairly Trained, a non-profit that certifies generative AI companies for training data practices that respect creators’ rights.
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